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Amateur Versus Professional at Figure One this Thursday

This is something interesting worth checking out this week: A collaboration between experimental/documentary filmmaker David Gracon (of EIU, and maker of Walls of Sound, which we featured last year) and Dr. Brad Decker (who will provide the live music score & performance), plus some others. It’s happening on Thursday, May 29th from 7-9 p.m. at Figure One in Downtown Champaign. 

Here’s more information from their posting:

Amateur Versus Professional

Experimental/Documentary Film and Video Works by David Gracon (EIU Faculty/Communication Studies) between 1997-2014 Live Music Score/Performance by Dr. Brad Decker (EIU Faculty/Music)

Where the Cicadas Sing: A found-footage (shot by David Tatsuno, camp internee) meditation on the interment of Japanese-Americans in Topaz, Utah during WWII. Live score/performance by Brad Decker.

Other Shorts: Culture Jamming * Media Hoax * Language and Globalization in Poland * Hardcore Music * Bill’s Football Fans * Price is Right Undone * Experimental Shorts * Found Footage Films * Observational Documentary

Thursday, May 29th/7-9 pm/Figure One Gallery 116 North Walnut, Champaign, Illinois 61820 Open to the Public/Free/Contact: [email protected] 

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