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Catch Matt Talbott in downtown Champaign on Sunday

Sitting atop a hardwood floor, there are 2 guitar cases, 2 sound monitors, 4 amplifiers, 3 small cases and a mic stand.
Matt Talbott

Are you willing to buy a ticket to a show to see an amazing talent in a temporarily-secret intimate venue? Then check out this Undertow show as local singer-songwriter Matt Talbott (Hum) celebrates his homecoming with a 6 p.m. performance in downtown Champaign, culminating his 18-day tour with sold-out shows across major cities. This will be his first-ever local performance of his complete touring set. Be part of the unique Undertow Show experience that takes place in intimate fan-hosted spaces, bringing an unparalleled combination of acoustics, accessibility, and convenience. Secure one of the few remaining tickets for this exclusive opportunity to witness Matt’s complete touring set for the first time in a local performance. You can also hear Matt’s music on Bandcamp.

Matt Talbott
Somewhere in Downtown Champaign (location revealed after ticket purchase)
Su, June 18th, 6 p.m.

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