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Student take action through the CU Youth Sustainability Summit

We are a group of students from schools all around the community, including Urbana, Central and Uni High. We organized the CU Youth Sustainability Summit with the goal to educate our peers on the topic and impact of global climate change, and to engage them in the discussion of possible solutions. Our mission:

  • Educate youth on the impact of global climate change.
  • Advocate for action on a local level.
  • Initiate dialogue and solutions within our community

​We know that our generation will suffer the worst effects of climate change to date, and therefore, it is our responsibility to take action within our community and create change. We have a strong interest in social justice too, and for this reason we believed it was important for our summit to acknowledge that the effects of climate change are not experienced equally within our society — instead it is those without the resources to protect and rebuild their communities who suffer the most. Join us on Saturday October 13th for a sustainability summit to learn about sustainability, global climate change, and possible solutions in a hands-on, engaging way. You’ll leave feeling educated and empowered!


University of Illinois
Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science
201 N Goodwin Ave,
Urbana, IL 61801

Information and Registration

Contact Reference:
Scott Tess  [email protected]  (217) 384-2381

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