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CI Med students won an award for developing a wearable sleep enhancement device

A digital image of a brain and waves emitted during sleep.
Carle Illinois College of Medicine

I am interested in hearing about anything that might help me not be so tired. All the time. All the time I am tired.

These smart young people at Carle Illinois College of Medicine developed a device that could be used at home to improve the wearer’s restorative sleep phases, and it won the Catalyst Award for Innovation from the National Academy of Medicine. Team leader Maggie Li describes the device, which they’ve called Sound Asleep, in this article on the CI Med website, “We propose a wearable home-use device that measures brainwaves via a closed-loop EEG system and delivers noise during slow-wave sleep to enhance restorative rest in a personalized manner.”

Their aim is not just to help people be less tired, but to address the root of a variety of health concerns including hypertension, immune supression, and impaired cognitive functioning.

The team was awarded $50,000 to develop a prototype for the device.

You can read more about their work at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine website.

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