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Check out this event for the new WWII novel by Luis Alberto Urrea

Two photo collage: left: a photo of Urrea, a Mexican man with short dark hair and black glasses wearing a black t-shirt and blazer. Right: the cover of Good Night, Irene, a turquoise and yellow background with a woman looking off to the side without her face visible
Luis Alberto Urrea on his website

Pulitzer prize finalist Luis Alberto Urrea will be on campus to discuss his new World War II novel, Good Night, Irene. The novel “tells the little-known story of the American Red Cross Clubmobile Service—a group of heroic women who dodged bombs and bullets all across Europe, as they provided coffee, donuts, and fellowship to soldiers at the front.” The novel was inspired by Urrea’s mother’s service in Patton’s 3rd Army.

The event will feature a conversation about the novel and World War II more generally. There is also a special exhibit featuring the WWII memorabilia of Phyllis McLaughlin Urrea and Jill Pitts Knappenberger, the inspirations for the novel’s main characters. There will also be time for audience Q & A and a book signing.

The book is available for purchase in advance from the Illini Union Bookstore, and you should register for the event (in person or for the livestream) in advance.

Luis Alberto Urrea event
Alice Campbell Alumni Center
601 S Lincoln Ave
Nov 8, 7 p.m.

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