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The 8 to Create undergrad art show is this weekend

a light purple background simulating clouds. A Black man appears to be walking upside down with his eyes closed while a woman floats beneath him with her arms stretched upwards.
Cobey Pava, Falling

For those not already familiar, 8 to CREATE is a non-profit interdisciplinary organization that produces an annual public live art event during which eight artists each create a unique artwork for eight hours. The student-run organization seeks “to provide opportunities for students across campus to gain professional art and design experience, make the typically private creative process accessible and open to the University and regional community, and to break down institutional and social hierarchies by bringing together artists from a variety of experiences and affiliations into one creative space.”

Although their main event is held in the spring, this weekend is their annual undergrad art show. The show will be held at the Illini Ballroom in the Illini Union and is a great opportunity to show your support for young artists.

Undergrad Art Show
Illini Ballroom
1401 W Green St
Nov 11
4 to 8 p.m.

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