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Illinois Public Media is hosting their 3rd annual Friendsgiving

The exterior of a building with a large wall of windows. The rest of the building is cement and reddish brick. There is a courtyard in the foreground with benches and green space.
Illinois Public Media

There won’t be turkey and stuffing at this November 16th gathering, but there will be friendly people who are excited to show you around the studios at Campbell Hall. Friendsgiving is an annual event where the staff at Illinois Public Media invites the community behind the scenes to see how things operate. During the tour you’ll get to learn about the various projects that are in the works and you’ll be treated to some light refreshments and drinks.

When I was growing up, my dad worked for a tv station, so walking the halls of one always gives me nostalgia feels. It’s still just immensely interesting to me to see the inner workings of a media studio. Anyway, it’s a cool opportunity!

Campbell Hall
300 N Goodwin
November 16th, 5 to 7 p.m.

Managing Editor

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