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Here’s the Girls Rock Fest 2023 lineup

Four young girls are gathered around a drum set. One is holding a microphone, one is holding a bass guitar, and one is holding an amp.
Girls Rock C-U on Facebook

Girls Rock C-U is a very cool summer camp for femme-identifying young people to learn how to be in a band. They are grouped together, learn instruments, write and record a song, and play a gig. The gig — this year’s second annual Girls Rock Fest — will feature all the camp bands as well as local favorites Sweetmelk, Nectar, Emily How, The Randys, Venus Overdrive, The Chickadee Sermon, Hannah Rose & the Sweet Nothings, and Haki N Dem. It’s a pretty incredible opportunity for these kiddos, and rewarding for their friends and family. 

Girls Rock Fest is open to the public; suggested donation is $25. It’s the camp’s only fundraiser, and all funds go to support future camps. Additional information (including the full schedule) is on the Facebook event page

Girls Rock Fest
Rose Bowl Tavern
106 N Race St
Sa July 29th, 1 p.m.
Suggested donation $25


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