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Look at this fun new sign at The Inman

The corner of a beige brick building. There is a vertical black sign with INMAN in lighted letters attached to the building.
Patrick Singer

The Inman has a fancy new sign, just installed at the corner of Walnut and University in Downtown Champaign. Royse + Brinkmeyer bought the building last year, and opened it to renters of all ages. Previously, it was an independent living space for seniors.

R+B shared this cool photo of the old Inman Hotel sign that once hung in the same spot.

A black and white photo of a city block, with old-fashioned cards driving on the road. There are brick building lining the road. One building has a sign that says Hotel Inman jutting out from the corner.
Royse + Brinkmeyer Apartments

Recently, R+B created seven AirBnB rentals in the building, some studio and some one-bedroom apartments. They range from $85-105 a night.

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