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Look, it’s Conservator Barbie!

A Barbie doll in a dress and apron is standing by a table, holding a brush. The table holds an open book, silver cup, and cat figurine.
Preservation and Conservation at the University of Illinois Library on Facebook

Someone who works at in Preservation Services at the U of I Library had a minute, and created this Conservator Barbie set up, complete with “sparkly sewing frame, a stippling brush, a broken case binding, and a gingham book snake,” demonstrating some of the work that goes on in that department.

Since I do not know all the book preservations lingo, I had to look up these items:

  • Stippling brush: used to apply glue to book binding
  • Case binding: the traditional way to bind hardcover books, “pages are sewn together in sections and attached to the inside of a case with end papers which are tipped on to the book block and then glued into the case.”
  • Book snake: an item used to gently hold a book open
  • Sewing frame: “holds the tapes or cords upright, assisting in neater, faster sewing”

You can learn more about the important work of the Preservation Services Unit at their website.

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