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Manifest West releases new EP showing off their varied influences

Four members of Manifest west, all wearing their own band's black t-shirts with their logo on it, standing in front of a green and brown tapestry pinned on an off-white wall.
Manifest West

Manifest West, an indie rock band hailing from Champaign, is thrilled to announce the release of their upcoming seven-track EP called Wright St. Fans can look forward to enjoying the new EP on various streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, and more starting August 25th.

Led by guitarist and lead vocalist Cade Whitt, Manifest West has truly embarked on a musical journey with Wright St. The band, consisting of Nick Riley on rhythm guitar, Coggan Banerian on drums, and new bass player Roan O’Brien, recorded all seven tracks at the private studio of Cade’s indie label, McNasty Records.

A standout feature of this EP is the band’s conscious effort to make each track distinct, fulfilling Cade’s personal goal to avoid repetitiveness and to let their diverse influences shine through. From punk-bluegrass mash-ups to the melancholic vibes of a failing relationship, the band explores various musical directions, displaying their creative versatility.

This is an album cover for the band Manifest West. The background is a collage of different images, including a field, a street sign, and a row of houses. The band’s name is written in black text in the top left corner, with the album title “Wright St.” in the top right corner. The bottom right corner has a parental advisory warning for explicit content. The overall color scheme is earthy tones, with greens, browns, and oranges.
Wright St. by Manifest West

The EP’s oldest track, “I-72,” has been remastered with freshly recorded drums, while the remaining six tracks have been recorded within the last six months. Songs like “Modern Cowboy Blues” offer a humorous take on the idea of a modern-day cowboy, while “Long Haul (Hold on Closely)” delves into darker territories, juxtaposing upbeat music with themes of despair and substance abuse.

Manifest West will further delve into the release on the Champaign is Also a Band podcast, hosted by Sven, in late September or early October. Physical CDs are also in the works and will soon be available for purchase on their Etsy store, as well as at local stores such as Exile on Main, Record Swap, and See You CD & Vinyl.

Adding personal touches to their work, the band included numbers on the EP cover art that resonate with their journey, including their initial practice space and studio unit numbers, and even Champaign’s area code.

Stay connected with Manifest West on Instagram @manifestwest and don’t miss the next steps of their musical expedition.

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