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Meet new people at the New to CU Mixer

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Experience Champaign-Urbana and Make It Champaign-Urbana are hosting a gathering for people who have recently moved to the area — specifically 2021 or after. These New to CU Mixers are held quarterly, and are an opportunity to get connected with other new residents, and to meet members of the Chambana Welcome Crew. These are community members who have been around for a minute, and want to help new folks get acclimated.

The next mixer is December 7th from 5 to 7 p.m. at Krannert Art Museum, and will include food and drinks. You need to RSVP by November 30th.

If you aren’t new to C-U, but want to be involved in things like this, you can apply to be an ambassador with the Chambana Welcome Crew. There’s even some SP representation in the bunch!

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