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“Murder and cover-up” tonight at CPL

One of my co-workers brought this to my attention:

A veteran Illinois State Police investigator will describe how his re-examination of a 20-year-old Paris, Illinois, murder case revealed that two men had been falsely convicted in the stabbing deaths of a young newlywed couple. Michale Callahan‘s battles with bureaucracy revealed a stunning indifference to solving the crime and ultimately cost him his career. Callahan is the author of Too Politically Sensitive. Jim Dey, opinions page editor for The News-Gazette, will join in the presentation.

The presentation is called “Murder and cover-up” and it’s a true story. It has everything: small-town politics, drugs, corruption, oddly-spelled first names, agricultural processing … not sure about sex, but hey: probably!

If you’re not the Pygmalion type, head to the Robeson Pavilion, Rooms A & B, of the Champaign Public Library at 7 p.m. tonight for a one-hour presentation. It’s free and no registration is required. It’ll be like Law and Order, except real and without commercials.

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