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New artists announced for PYGMALION

Black and white photo of music artist Sen Morimoto leaning against a white wall with his arms spread out.
Sen Morimoto

Following a few announcements so far, the latest addition to PYGMALION is Sen Morimoto, the acclaimed Japanese American singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, on Saturday, September 23rd, in the yet-to-open Gallery Art Bar. This Chicago-based virtuoso, celebrated for his dynamic fusion of jazz, hip-hop, spoken-word rap, and pop, co-heads Sooper Records and is known for his impactful activism and ties to the city’s diverse music scenes. Having toured globally and earned critical acclaim for his albums, including his debut “Cannonball!” and self-titled follow-up, Sen is set to light up the stage with his experimental grooves and modern songwriting prowess.

In support is the highly anticipated return of Good Night & Good Morning as they stage their first public performance in 11 years at Pygmalion, showcasing their unique minimalist songwriting and expansive sonic language, a homecoming that celebrates the 10-year anniversary vinyl re-issue of their notable album, Narrowing Type.

Start off the evening with the electrifying fusion of jazz, punk, and psychedelic rock from Loose, the vibrant ensemble known for their high-energy performances and genre-blending prowess, originating from the dynamic DIY music scene of Bloomington-Normal. Enjoy their unique soundscape, including their debut single “They Say” and jazz-inspired “Caveat,”.

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