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PYGMALION announces first acts

Members of the band Ratboys sitting and/or laying on the floor. The floor and the backdrop are off-white. The female member is laying down across the photo in the front and the three male members are sitting or laying on the floor behind her
Ratboys on Facebook

PYGMALION is back and set to take place September 21-23 in and around Champaign-Urbana. PYGMALION is the perfect place to discover new music and immerse yourself in the vibrant indie rock scene. This annual event showcases both local talents and established acts, offering a unique and intimate setting for music lovers. 

The first few shows have been announced with the full schedule coming soon. Here is what’s on tap so far:

For tickets, check the Tickets tab on the PYGMALION website, and stay tuned to the Schedule tab for updates on the rest of the lineup coming soon.

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