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New students: Stay hydrated and call your grown ups

Students are carrying boxes and other items down a sidewalk on move in day at University of Illinois.
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on Facebook

It was an interesting exercise participating in the formation of this week’s editorial, about the influx of students into our community, on the heels of taking my own child multiple states away to begin her college adventure. 

Even though it was a long time ago (longer than I’d like to admit), I vividly recall my first week at the University of Illinois: new people, a new place, a dorm room to decorate, forced group bonding experiences, and an firehose of opportunities to become involved on campus and in this new community that I still call home. I used to see myself in the students meandering about campus and walking in front of my car without a single glance to the side.

Now, I see my kid. My kid who is meeting new people, in a new place, with a dorm room to decorate, forced group bonding experiences, and a firehose of opportunities to become involved on campus and in a new community that — who knows — could become the place where she lands. And I just want to walk up to each of them and give them a hug and tell them they are doing great. But I won’t, because that seems inapppropriate.

I hope that our article lands in front of some young people who are new to campus and to Champaign-Urbana. And if you happen to see this, new student, be sure you are staying hydrated and call your grown ups. They miss you.

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