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Nikki Budzinski joined the IL-13 race

It remains to be seen how district lines will be drawn in Illinois, and what Rodney Davis will decide about his political future, but we do know there will be Democratic primary. David Palmer announced his candidacy earlier in the summer, and now Nikki Budzinski, a labor activist, has joined the race. 

Budzinski served in the Biden Administration as Chief of Staff for the Office of Management and Budget, and has also been a senior advisor for Governor Pritzker. She’s a U of I grad, originally from Peoria, now a Springfield resident.

Rich Miller, of Capitol Fax, reached out to Davis’ office for comment, and received this hilarious response:

Nikki Budzinski is a lifelong Democrat political operative who is steeped in corrupt, Madigan-style politics. When she was a top staffer for Governor Pritzker, she helped Mike Madigan put his allies in patronage jobs throughout state government. Illinois voters have had enough of corrupt Madigan Machine politicians like Budzinski.

You can follow her on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook.

Top photo from Nikki Budzinski for Congress Facebook page.

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