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Nominate your favorite organizations to Round Up for Good

A flat screen tv is hanging at the top of a celery green wall. It has $4,471.77 in red block lettering.
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It’s that time of year, when Common Ground Food Co-op begins to plan for the next round of Round Up for Good. If you are a regular co-op shopper, you know that each month they feature a different local organization. When you round up your total purchase, that money is adding to a donation total. They end up raising thousands of dollars each month, which is pretty awesome.

If you are a co-op member, you can begin nominating today. Before you jump in and nominate an organization (or up to three) that mean(s) a lot to you, make sure that it is in Champaign County, and that it is aligned with the co-ops four ends:

  • The Co-op is the center of an inclusive, vibrant community
  • The cooperative movement is strengthened.
  • The Co-op serves as an educational resource on food issues.
  • The local food movement is equitable, robust, and environmentally sound.

Two months out of the year will be designated for their Food for All program, but the rest are up to you. The nominating form will be live through August 1st. After that, nominated organizations will be asked to submit a project proposal, then owners will have the opportunity to vote for ten on the next owner election ballot.

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