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Now’s the time to sign up for vote by mail

Did you know that you can sign up to vote by mail once, and every election your ballot will be mailed to you? Ballot drop boxes will continue to be available; several more have been added to Champaign County. 

The next election is June 28th (primaries) and the 2022 general election is Tuesday, November 8th. Request your ballot and learn more here. 

Per the Champaign County Clerk and Recorder of Deeds Office:

In 2021 Illinois passed a continuing vote by mail list. This means you can request your vote by mail ballot once and you will automatically receive a ballot for every future election in Champaign County that you are eligible to vote in. The option for you to request a vote by mail ballot prior to each individual election is still available, however, it is much easier for you to sign up once and not have to worry about it anymore.  

Additionally, ballot drop boxes were permanently authorized by the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor in 2021. The original seven (7) boxes that were available in the 2020 election cycle will be open and I have added an additional five (5) throughout the County in highly visible areas. You can find the complete listing here. You can deposit your ballot in any one of the ¼ inch steel secure drop boxes that are permanent to their location. When voting is open, the contents are picked up daily by two Election Judges, one from each party. 

You can also track the status of your vote by mail request and see when your ballot has been accepted on our voter portal. The first day to mail vote by mail ballots is May 19, 2022. Please request your ballot now and encourage your friends and family to take advantage of this safe, secure, and convenient voting option. 

Early voting and Election Day in-person voting will continue to be options. You can find the full early voting schedule here.

Top photo from Champaign County Clerk and Recorder of Deeds Facebook page.


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