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Peruse the UI press Fall/Winter 2023 catalog

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It’s that time of year, when University of Illinois Press offers a peek into the titles they will be releasing in the next season. For a little reminder on what they are all about:

Through its publishing programs, the Press promotes research and education, enriches cultural and intellectual life, and fosters regional pride and accomplishments. The Press serves the university as a source for scholarly publishing knowledge and standards. As an innovator in the scholarly publishing community, the University of Illinois Press diligently pursues the best and most innovative technology to meet the needs of our readers.

Offerings from University of Illinois authors include What Work Is, by professor of labor and employment relations Robert Bruno and Advertising Revolutionary: The Life and Work of Tom Burrell, by professor of advertising Jason P. Chambers.

There’s also an illustrated volume of projects and renovations happening here at our U of I campus, as well as in Springfield and Chicago, titled Building Momentum: A Decade of Construction, Renovation, and Renewal across the University of Illinois System.

Find the full list of titles on the UI Press website.

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