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Reserve your tickets for Allerton’s Forest to Mansion dinner

The annual Forest to Mansion dinner at Allerton Park will take place on Sunday, April 26th from 3:30 to 7 p.m. The delicious seven-course dinner will feature dishes with ingredients foraged from the Allerton forest and fields. 

Tickets are on sale now (get them here), and are $95 per person. There is an additional foraging hike that will take place on Wednesday, April 22nd; be sure to sign up for that when you purchase your dinner tickets.

Here’s the menu:

Local Beef Tartar
With Allerton Pickled Ramps, Cascade Farms Cured Egg Yolk Botarga and Allerton Wild Garlic Mustard Dust
Chef Ann Swanson

Cream of Allerton Wild Mushroom and Morel Soup
Funks Grove “Warthog Wheat” Whole Grain Sourdough Focaccia Bacon Fat Croutons
Chef Summer Kortkamp

Salad of Allerton Bitter Greens
Wild Herb Panna Cotta
Chef Leslie Bettridge

Allerton Ramp Gnocchi
Allerton Nettle and Ricotta Meatballs, Allerton Mushroom Ragout
With DESTIHL IPA Chicken Jus
Chef Chris Alwes

Allerton Wild Ginger Stuffed Chicken
Allerton Mushrooms, Allerton Nettles and Carrot Kimchee
with Local Honey Sauce and Allerton Spruce Oil
Chef Blake Biggs

Custard Tart Duo of Allerton Autumn Berry and Paw Paw
With Forest Meringues
Chef Heidi Leuszler

Allerton “Truffles”
Chef Ann Swanson 

Flatbread and Sourdough
Produced with Micro-Flora captured at Allerton Park & Retreat Center
Chef Mark “Shades” Hartstein


Beertails: Compliments of Triptych Brewery in Savoy, IL

“The Lost Garden”
Bright, Citrusy, with Balanced Piney Tartness
Triptych’s Hazy Pale Ale with Allerton Japanese Knotweed Simple Syrup
Garnished with Allerton Spruce Tips and Local Elderberries
Whitney Braddock

“The Death of the Last Centaur”
Root Beer/ Cream Soda Inspired Beertail.
Triptych’s Blonde Ale with Vanilla Allerton Sassafras Simple Syrup
Garnished with Kilgus Cream and Nutmeg
Whitney Braddock

Specialty Foraged Forest to Mansion Beer

Top image by Jessica Hammie.

Food + Drink Editor / / instagram

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