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Rodney Davis does the bare minimum to uphold democracy

On January 6th, at least 12 GOP senators and more than 100 House members plan to object to the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential win, even after approximately 1378 frivolous lawsuits (okay, more like 60) upheld the results.

Hot Rod has been his usual milquetoast self since the election, stating “it certainly appears to me that Joe Biden will get the Electoral College” in an early December interview. As more of his colleagues have joined the quest to sever the already thin shreds of democracy in this country in the past week, he’s been noticeably silent.

But today, he (his spokesperson) finally broke his silence with this bold statement to The News-Gazette:

“Like all members of Congress, Rodney will listen to each objection and hear both sides during floor debate before casting his vote. While this process may take a little longer than normal, Rodney fully anticipates the vote of the Electoral College will be certified.”

Wow! Congrats on barely making it over the lowest possible bar! We are so fortunate to have you there in Washington speaking truth to power on behalf of all of us here in IL-13.

Photo from Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images.

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