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Shannon Hayden’s musical alchemy set to captivate at Illini Union

A person is seated on a wooden floor, holding a cello between their knees and grasping the bow with their right hand. They are wearing a dark, form-fitting outfit with long sleeves. The cello case lies open nearby, and an array of electronic equipment including pedals and cables is scattered around them. The setting appears to be indoors with wooden flooring and plain walls, capturing an artistic atmosphere.
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Shannon Hayden, a musician with roots in Central Illinois, is set to perform at the Illini Courtyard Cafe on January 25th. This event, presented by the University of Illinois School of Music, offers an opportunity to experience Hayden’s unique musical approach. Her style is a blend of classical and modern influences, where string arrangements meet electronic experimentation. The performance is expected to showcase her ability to create a diverse range of sounds, from serene melodies to more complex, layered compositions.

In her music, Hayden combines traditional instruments like the electric cello with modern technology to produce a distinct sound. Hayden skillfully navigates the realms of acoustic and electronic music. Critics have praised her unique approach, and her style and skill, not only with instruments but with looping pedals, demonstrate her virtuosity and talent. This versatility is at the heart of her performance style, blending classical training with an adventurous use of modern technology. The upcoming show at the Illini Student Union is a showcase of Hayden’s ability to create a captivating musical narrative, making it a must-see for those who enjoy innovative and boundary-pushing music.

A Journey Through Neoclassical Soundscapes with Shannon Hayden
Illini Union Courtyard Cafe
Th Jan 25th, 7 p.m.

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