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So this used to be a building in C-U?

A gray building made up of varying sizes of rectangular sections, situated on an intersection.
Carol Highsmith via Library of Congress

Architecture photographer Josh Lipnik (Midwest Modern on Twitter) has been posting photos of Champaign-Urbana buildings for a few weeks now, and Wednesday he threw a little history into the mix with photos of a building that no longer exists, courtesy of Bill Engdahl and Carol Highsmith.

I’ve lived in C-U for a long time, but not long enough to have known that this architectural wonder existed at the corner of 4th and Gregory on campus (he mistakenly labeled it as Urbana). Obviously there are apartments there now, because where aren’t there apartments.

I’m fascinated by this building. It’s…startling…to look at. So different then any other architecture around these parts. Thanks to Champaign Showers (and his dad) for bringing this website about the architect to my attention. You can read more about this unique building that is no longer.

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