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Stop by Cafeteria & Company this summer to see the Art of Science: Efflorescence

A row of brightly colored framed images hang on a wooden backdrop on a white wall. In the foreground is a framed description of the display with a white background and black type. It says The Art of Science: Efflorescence at the top.
Anna Longworth

On May 5th, the Carl R. Woese Institute of Genomic Biology hosted an opening reception for their 13th Art of Science exhibition. Each year, the institute draws from their portfolio of research images, enhancing them to make fascinating artistic creations. Science and art don’t have to exist in separate spheres! The theme for this year’s exhibit is “Efflorescence” which means “the action or process of developing and unfolding as if coming into flower.”

If you missed the reception, it’s cool. These images will be displayed throughout the summer at Cafeteria & Company. So if you find yourself in Downtown Urbana this summer, stop in and take a look. Here is a sneak peek:

Three framed pieces of art hang on a white wall. There are two people looking at a description of the work on the wall below the frames. There is a wooden ledge perpendicular to the wall, stretching towards the camera.
Anna Longworth
A large printed image, reminiscent of a Rorshach test, with a white backround. It is hanging on a wooden backdrop. A man with long beard and glasses is leaning against a wooden countertop and looking at the image.
Anna Longworth
A circle that is half taupe and half teal with a gold border is stitched onto a rectangular black piece of fabric. The fabric is hanging on a frame made of copper tubing.
Anna Longworth

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