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Suburban Express owner Dennis Toeppen literally went to China

Dennis Toeppen experienced a lot in the last few months of 2017. With the massive backlash that came with the email Suburban Express sent out in December, things have likely been pretty crazy in his neck of the woods.

On Thursday evening, Suburban Express posted a photo album on Facebook — an album featuring owner Dennis Toeppen and his trip to China. 

Honestly, this is pretty commendable, because if the reason he traveled halfway across the world was to culture and educate himself on people and places he has been prejudice towards — that’s awesome.

Perhaps Toeppen is trying to gain understanding, which is admirable. So, tip of the cap if this is truly what is happening. Could it be a stunt? Perhaps. But who goes all the way to China to do something like this? Perhaps Dennis Toeppen. 

Toeppen literally went to China, and took photos and posted them — many of these photos are of actual Chinese buses and other forms of transportation (taxis, bullet trains, etc).

Chinese buses!

There are plenty of others to check out, including Toeppen at the Great Wall of China — which you can see above.

Dennis, if you’re reading this: We’d love to do an interview to learn more about your trip. We’re very curious about what is happening here.

Like, very curious. Maybe too curious. 

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