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The Elevating Voices art exhibit has three new pieces

a vertical painting hangs on a tan wall; it features an upclose woman wearing a floral hijab holding a magnifying glass up to her eye
Salma Nasreldin Abdelaziz, Amenah; photo from the Elevating Voices website

The School of Social Work at the University of Illinois houses an on-going art exhibition entitled Elevating Voices: Visualizing Social Justice Through Art. The exhibit is “a series of art that recognizes the need for and facilitates discussions around the complexities of racial and social justice while elevating and empowering the voices of underrepresented populations and groups.”

After a second open call for artists, they have added three new pieces of art to the collection, bringing the total number to 11.

You can read more about the artists and the exhibition on their webpage.

Check out the new pieces below, or stop by the School of Social Work to see them in person.

Four vertical artworks hang above computer stations. Each artwork is in a black frame with a white mat, and each features an outline of a person with a primary color: one is entirely in grey, another red, another blue, another grey.
Emma DeValk, Residents; photo from the Elevating Voices webpage
A painting of a tree against a deep blue background. The bottom half shows in black and white the "roots" which appear to be a human heart, and hands along with eyeballs. The top right corner of the frame and painting are missing.
Benjamin Roughton, Unseen; photo from the Elevating Voices webpage

Elevating Voices
School of Social Work
1010 W Nevada St
M­–F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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