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The end of June 2023 has had some wild weather

A huge dark gray storm front moves through the sky. The wall of clouds moves through the sky over a field of green plants and a bit of road in the lower right corner.
Beth Unander

In the past week alone we’ve had the second worst air quality in the world, followed by a dangerous storm that swept through the area with 80 mph winds. Trees are down all over the city, power outages have affected at least 4,000 residents, and Willard Airport had to cancel flights because part of the terminal roof was damaged.

A panoramic image of buildings in Champaign, IL. There is a smoky haze covering the whole sky in a gray smoke.
News Break Website

With these unusual weather events happening, I thought it would be interesting to look back on some other crazy storms that have impacted our area throughout the years. 

There were tornados in February earlier this year (2023). 

A tornado with a thin funnel is stretching down from a large grayish white storm cloud.
Andrew Pritchard

A summer hail storm in 2020.

A cement flower bed completely covered in quarter sized hail.
Illinois Newsroom Website

A blizzard in 2007 that shut down the University of Illinois campus for the first time in 30 years.

A group of students wearing winter coats, snow pants, hats and gloves run and play in deep snow while more snow comes down, blocking out most of the background behind them.
University of Illinois Alumni Association Website

The St. Valentine’s Day Ice storm back in 1990 that caused millions of dollars worth of damage and shut down the city for days. 

A tree bending over from the weight of the ice completely coating every branch.
WCIA website

The city of Urbana created a severe weather guide with links and more information to help you stay safe. In the meantime, what other memorable storms have you experienced in Champaign County?

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