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The University Library just added its 15 millionth volume

Close up of a 14th century manuscript. The page is yellowed and filled with script.
University Library at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on Facebook

Last week, the University Library announced the 15 millionth volume added to their collections, and it will live at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library. From the library:

This acquisition is a scarce early 14th century Anglo-Norman manuscript containing a nearly complete text of Henley’s 13th-century Hosbondrye, one of the most influential works on agriculture and land management of the middle-ages. This is one of only 41 surviving manuscript copies. Walter of Henley, who was both a knight and a Dominican friar later in life, wrote the Hosbondrye as a didactic treatise on estate management in the form of a sermon from father to son and giving advice on animal husbandry and livestock farming.

The volume was obtained through endowment funds established by Betty Jean Alpert, at the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, the Funk ACES Library, and the Veterinary Medicine Library.

The first floor of the Main Library has a display with images of each “millionth” volume that has been added to the library’s collections, and soon an image of the 15th will be added. You can see a digitized version of the volume here.

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