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There’s a new exhibit by William Hohe at the Illini Gallery

a collection of behind the scenes photographs of two drag queens
William Hohe, Lydia & Nova Gina (2023) digital photography; photo by Serenity Stanton Orengo

William’s Summer of Rest & Relaxation, the first solo exhibition by William Hohe of Williamslenses, is now open at the Illini Gallery. The exhibit is a mixture of photographs, mixed media pieces, and installations, some of which feature televisions, a Christmas tree, and a dog cage, and religious paraphernalia. The exhibit is innovative and imaginative, and worth checking out before it closes at the end of the month. Here are some photos to give you an idea, but it really needs to be experienced in person to have the full effect:

A wide view of the Illini gallery with photographs on the wall, and in the center a installation with multiple televisions on the floor on top of post office packaging. Each television names a seven deadly sin.
Serenity Stanton Orengo
hot pink face masks are in rows on two walls; a christmas tree is on the floor in front.
William Hohe, Clipboarded; Stuck & Also Noted (2023), Plaster-dipped face masks, clipboards; and Christmas Looks Different Without You (2021), found object sculpture; photo by Serenity Stanton Orengo
a hot pink dog cage sits on the floor with statues of the virgin mary scattered about inside along with religious candles. There is a chain on the floor, two plaster face masks on stands, and quotes with photographs printed and hanging in strips on the wall.
WIlliam Hohe, Alter to Pop Culture: The Caged Virgin Mary (2023), dog cage, religious paraphrenalia, mugshots, painters tape, candles, chain, nail polish; Photo by Serenity Stanton Orengo

William’s Summer of Rest & Relaxation
Illini Union Art Gallery
1401 W Green St
Through Oct 29th
7 a.m. to 11 p.m., daily

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