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There’s a new Illini beer…that’s brewed in Minnesota

A six pack of beer in a dark blue and white box, with a single can sitting in front of it. The can says Icon in blue script with orange outline.
Icon for Illini on X

Just in time for the Illinois-Kansas exhibition/fundraiser for Maui game on Sunday, there will be a new Illini-themed beer for you to try. It’s being marketed by ICON for Illini Collective, a nonprofit organization that “facilitates partnerships between Fighting Illini student-athletes and fans, alumni, businesses, non-profits and other community organizations to create meaningful Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) opportunities.”

The collective will give 20 percent of the revenue from The Iconic American Light Lager to student athletes, and the remaining proceeds from beer sales at this particular game will be given to the Hawaii Community Foundation.

This is pretty cool and fun, but the announcement is getting some frankly warranted criticism on the site formerly known as Twitter for utilizing a brewer in Minnesota, as opposed to partnering with one of our local breweries. I think Champaign Showers said it best.

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