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This is a cool old photo of Esquire Lounge

Black and white photo of a building on a street corner with a neon sign hanging on the corner of the building, that says Esquire Lounge.
Champaign Urbana History on Facebook

I spotted this in the Champaign Urbana History group on Facebook. This is 1975, the year that Esquire opened. In a search for more iterations of the Downtown Champaign bar, I found this one from The Urbana Free Library on Flickr, undated but estimated 1984.

A street corner with a sort of dirty white brick and gray paneled facade. There is a circular yellow sign that says Esquire Lounge in script.
The Urbana Free Library on Flickr

Oh how things have changed! It’s really a lovely corner now. Would be sweet to have that original sign hanging out there though!

A street corner with a brick building with striped awnings and plastic tables and chairs along the sidewalk. There is a landscaped area with bushes and a small tree, and a statue of an egg dressed in a blue suit.
Esquire Lounge

Here’s Carl’s review of Esquire from a couple of years ago, that touches on the nostalgia of this downtown institution, and rightly highlights the Asian dumplings. A seriously good appetizer.

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