Smile Politely

Wayne McClain — Berry, Buck, Mills, & Stipe

I just got back from the Ubben.*

Wayne McClain sauntered in to the gym singing “Losing my Religion.” I asked whether he was an R.E.M. fan, and he said “no, just that song.”

I said I’d bring him a copy of the album.

But then it occurred to me “why not give him an R.E.M. album that doesn’t suck?” If this were the start of the season, a good autumnal effort would be appropriate. Fables is my favorite for October. I suppose Green has a brooding quality, too.

But spring is around the corner, and that means Murmur, obviously.

But what if it’s really the mandolin, and the orchestration that strikes him? Does that make Automatic for The People the best bet?

I want your opinions. And you should know that this is a test. Your knowledge and opinions of R.E.M. catalog readily demonstrate not only your age, but whether you have any taste.

*(It was just a brief and non-quote-worthy three and a half minutes of player availability. If you want to know what actually happened at practice, Paul will probably know. Special access. knowwhatI’msayin’?)


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