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Well folks, it’s August

A view down a wide road with street lights hanging over the top. There are a couple of cards on the road. One side is lined with trees, and the other with brick buildings.
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We really do have just one more week before school starts for Unit 4 and District 116, and before U of I students begin the move-in process. Parkland isn’t far behind. How does it happen so quickly every year (though if you have school age kids, you just might be wondering why the summer was so long).

Let’s not be sad though. Let’s be glad! Anyone else watch Pollyanna incessently as a child? Just me? Anyways, here’s what I’m glad about:

  • The full-of-life feeling in town when students return to campus, including a return of all the wonderful programming the cultural institutions at Parkland and U of I have to offer.
  • Thinking about sweater weather, even though it probably won’t come around til October. 
  • More festivals! EllnoraPYGMALIONPride FestOktoberfest
  • So many more things that our Editorial Board discussed last year about this time.

In the meantime, squeeze a little more out of summer this month. This week’s digest is filled with suggestions from our editors about how to make the most out of August. Want to receive our SP Digest in your inbox each week? Sign up below.

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