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We’re doing a Year End Donation Campaign

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After our inaugural donation campaign this fall, we were able to give significant raises to all of our editorial staff, and increase our Featured Article budget by 100%, doubling it for 2024. It will also allow us to bring on a video content creator to expand our editorial scope as we head into the next year, which is really exciting. That’s all because of generous donations from readers!

This is going to be a once a quarter endeavor. Our December campaign is just two weeks — from now through December 15th. This time around, if you give a one-time $100 donation, or spread that $100 into a monthly donation over the course of the year, we will send you a $50 gift card for Martinelli’s Market & Deli in Champaign. It’s a great spot to get tasty items for your holiday gatherings, find gifts for your foodie friends and family, or just go enjoy one of their delicious sandwiches.

We realize there are a lot of financial demands this time of year, and a lot of giving opportunities. If supporting our work makes sense for you right now, thank you. We greatly appreciate it. You’ll find a variety of giving options on our donation page.

Thank you for your consideration! We are grateful for your readership.

Managing Editor

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