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You can do a summer camp for adults at Allerton

A campfire in a metal fire pit, with orange flames reaching a foot into the air.
Julie McClure

Okay, so for real, this is awesome. This summer, Allerton is offering Camp Lost Garden, a weekend long summer camp for grown ups. It has fun kid summer camp things, such as:

  • Capture the flag
  • Macrame
  • A campfire with s’mores
  • Relay races

But also, there’s booze, in the form of a Bloody Mary bar, cocktail crafting workshop, and “boots and brews” hiking. And you can sleep inside in a bed if you want. You can tent camp too, if you want to be super adventurous, but I’m here for all things camping then a nice air conditioned room and a comfy bed each night. Also, my daughter and I stayed overnight at Allerton a couple of years ago, and realized just how dark and maybe a little scary it gets at nighttime. But if you want to sleep on the ground in the dark night, then you do you.

Camp Lost Garden is June 23-25, and it’s $250 per camper. That includes all activities, meals, snacks, and drinks. Your lodging must be purchased separately, and it’s $100 a night for a room (which is a discounted rate), and $20 for tent camping. You can find the full activity schedule on Allerton’s website.

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