Smile Politely

You can use Engage Champaign to offer your thoughts about City of Champaign initiatives

The city building in Champaign. The light-stone building is pictured from a perserpective looking slightly upward toward the green hexagonal tower.
Anna Longworth

The City of Champaign recently established a new website dedicated to gathering input from citizens. We initially shared it as a way to give your opinion on the redistricting happening within the city council districts. You can still do that. But the site has many more ways to engage with city officials on variety of projects and initiatives, including Garden Hills Infrastructure and Strategic Neighborhood Plan and Champaign County Community Coalition. You can also use site to just ask questions, or share general concerns.

It’s important to do things like show up at council meetings, but that’s not always an option for everyone. This seems like a reasonable alternative to make your voice heard.

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