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You can send Papa Del’s pizza anywhere in the country

This was news to me, but did you know you can ship Papa Del’s pizza anywhere in the country?

Sure, it is costly (depending on where you send it), but perhaps you know someone that hasn’t had Del’s in quite some time, and you want to send a little slice of C-U to them. Del’s freezes it, packs it, and ships it overnight via UPS.

Eventually, this…

… turns into this:

Here’s the information from their website:

We make each pizza to order, then freeze it and ship it overnight via UPS. Each box is shipped with 5 pounds of dry ice to keep the pizza(s) frozen. This is a fairly costly process; however, adding additional pizzas to the order does not affect the shipping charges greatly. For example, 1 pizza may be $80 (all costs included), and 2 pizzas may be $95.

UPS does not deliver to PO boxes, and overnight shipping is not available in all areas (Hawaii, Alaska, and parts of Maine).

Orders can only be shipped on weekdays. There is no shipping or delivery on the following days: Chistmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, July 4th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and January 1st.

We need at least a day to make and especially freeze the pizzas. So for orders placed before 3PM Central Time, the earliest possible ship date will be the next day. Orders placed after 3PM Central Time have to be made and frozen the next day, meaning the earliest ship date will be in 2 days. If an order is placed on a Thursday after 3PM, the earliest ship date will be the next Monday. Saturday delivery is available (ships on a Friday), but there is an additional charge from UPS.

Orders can be placed to ship 1 week in advance.

While gift cards are available on the website (below), they are for in-store use only, and cannot be used on the website.

Note: We recommend under 5 ingredients for optimal cooking in your home oven. Pizzas with more toppings may not cook properly.

Photos by Justine Bursoni.

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