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You should follow John Isberg’s Where It Begins documentary updates

If you’re interested in having some mad local music scene knowledge dropped on you — do yourself a favor and follow John Isberg’s (Swede Films) Facebook page: Where It Begins: CU Music Documentary 1977-2000.

John is a friend, of course, but this is shaping up to be something really special. He knows his stuff, and it has been interesting thus far to follow along with his conversations and discussions with those connected to this time period in C-U music.

More soon, we’re sure — but start by following there. Highly recommend it.

Of course, the namesake of the documentary coming from this classic tune from The Blackouts, one of C-U’s very, very best. Goddamn, does this song rip.

Braid performing at a house show, pictured above.

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