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Stop by Guerrero Azteca truck for tacos and mangonada

A cup of frozen mango dessert with a plastic spoon, sitting on a wooden picnic table.
Mikey Hillyer

We have a great selection of taco trucks in the Champaign-Urbana area, and Guerrero Azteca truck might possibly be my new favorite. Now I’m a person that really enjoys Mexican food; it is always one of my go-to meals. After moving to C-U, it seems like I always have a taco truck on my way home — and I’m not mad about that at all. What I really love is great Mexican food, and Guerrero Azteca is that.

The day I caught them they were at Carle at The Fields. I had checked their Facebook to see where they were that day. Their usual spot is at the Piccadilly lot on John Street.

The exterior of Guerrero Azteca food truck. Photo by Mikey Hillyer.
Mikey Hillyer

The first thing I noticed about the truck was the unique wrap on the truck. It has a Mexican landscape with an Aztec warrior carrying a princess, and this really made it stand out from all the other trucks I have seen. It had quite the line when I arrived, so I thought it must be good. They took orders and worked through the large line very quickly.

Two tacos in tin foil. Photo by Mikey Hillyer.
Mikey Hillyer

I started off with a couple of tacos, one steak ($3) and one chicken ($3) — both Mexican-style on corn tortillas. They also serve American-style tacos if that’s your thing. First, I tried the chicken, which had a perfect amount of flavor and just the right amount of spice. I added some of the red salsa, and it was even better. The steak didn’t disappoint either. The grilled flavor on this steak made me a fan instantly.

A cup of elote. Photo by Mikey Hillyer.
Mikey Hillyer

Next up was one of my usual go-to items when visiting a taco truck: elote ($3.50). If you have never had elote, it’s simple but great. It contains corn, mayo, Tajin, cotija cheese, and lime. This elote was served in a cup, which is my preferred way to eat it, but some people make it on the cob which is great also. The spice of the Tajin and the flavor of the cheese paired so well with the corn, and the mayo helped them stick to every piece of corn, so every bite has that great flavor. If you have never had elote, you should give it a try on your visit, and you will be glad you did.

A sliced quesadilla with two cups of sauce. Photo by Mikey Hillyer.
Mikey Hillyer

The steak quesadilla ($10) was the last food item I tried, and it was pretty large. I already knew I liked their steak, so I couldn’t wait to try this. With melted cheese and a grilled flour tortilla, this was great dipped in the red salsa, and I couldn’t stop eating it. I took half of it home and ended eating the rest of it within the hour.

Guerrero Azteca’s other menu items include tortas, huaraches, burritos, and nachos. You get your choice of steak, chicken, pork, ground beef, or chorizo on all of their items, and there’s even vegetarian options. For drinks, they offer sodas with a large selection of Jarritos. An ice cold orange Jarritos is one of my favorites, but the drink I was most looking forward to though was the mangonada.

A cup of mango dessert. Photo by Mikey Hillyer.
Mikey Hillyer

I have seen videos of this being made by street vendors in Mexico and always thought it looked delicious. I couldn’t wait to try it when I seen it on the menu. The truck’s blended slightly frozen mango topped with Tajin and chamoy was a refreshing treat on a hot day. The sweetness of the fruit and the spice of the Tajin made me wish I had ordered the larger size ($6 for small, $8 for large). They also offer horchata which is a drink made with rice milk and cinnamon.

I look forward to trying horchata on my next visit along with their other food and meat options on my next visit. I will definitely be making Guerrero Azteca a regular stop.

They serve daily from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., so it’s great for a quick lunch or easy dinner. Some of their other stops include Plastipack Champaign and even over to Rantoul, so check the Guerrero Azteca food truck Facebook page for their location. 

Guerrero Azteca Taco Truck 
2202 W John St
10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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