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The Overture: July 31 – August 6

This is a black and white photo of four people standing in front of a truck. The truck is a white Chevrolet with a chrome bumper and a black grill. The people are standing in a line, with the person on the left leaning on the truck. The person on the left is wearing a black top hat and a black suit with white patterns. The person on the right is wearing a denim jacket and jeans. The background consists of trees and foliage.
Chicago Farmer on Facebook

Monday, July 31st

This photo is a photo-realistic image of a drummer playing a drum set in a dimly lit bar. The drummer is wearing a maroon shirt and is playing a drum set with a snare drum, cymbals, and a hi-hat. There is a drink in a plastic cup on the drum set. The background consists of a brick wall with graffiti on it and a cymbal.
James Maucks Forebeat on Facebook

James Mauck’s Forebeat

Rosebowl Tavern // Tips in bucket // 5:30 p.m.

Experience an extraordinary performance by Forebeat, a one-man band where “Beats collide in an accelerator, frozen together within the moments needed to take a sharp breath.” Experience the harmonious convergence of an entire ensemble channeled through a single, dynamic musician.

The Urbana Hootenanny

Rosebowl Tavern // Tips in bucket // 8 p.m.

Every Monday at the Rose Bowl, come hang out with some great musicians. The Urbana Hootenanny is an open mic meets song-share. You can expect a variety of music and performers.

Tuesday, August 1st

This photo shows a group of musicians playing various instruments in front of a brick wall. The instruments being played include an accordion, a violin, a guitar, and a drum. There is a music stand in front of the violinist.
Jennifer Lask

Papashoy Klezmer Band

Rosebowl Tavern // Tips in bucket // 5 p.m.

Come out to the Rose Bowl Tavern and enjoy Papashoy Klezmer Band, acclaimed for their captivating performances of old-time Klezmer music. Allow yourself to be transported on a musical journey through Jewish and Yiddish Eastern Europe with their authentic and heartwarming tunes.

This photo is a photo-realistic image of five people standing on a road with a scenic background. The people are wearing casual clothes and are standing in a group. The background consists of a scenic view of mountains and a clear sky. The road is a two-lane highway with a telephone pole on the left side of the image.
Peach Pit on Facebook

Peach Pit with Babe Corner

The Canopy Club // $32 (SOLD OUT) // 7 p.m.

Peach Pit, the indie pop band from Vancouver, is coming to The Canopy Club in Urbana on Tuesday, August 1st. They will be performing their unique “chewed bubblegum pop” sound live. Fellow Canuck rockers Babe Corner bring their “Babe Core” vibes and dreamy melodies in support.

Wednesday, August 2nd

Chip McNeil Quartet

Rosebowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5 p.m.

Saxophonist Chip McNeill returns to bang out the jazz tunes with his quartet. Come hang out for happy hour.

Thursday, August 3rd

This is a black and white photo of a man wearing a hat and a shirt with a shoulder strap. The hat is wide-brimmed and the shirt is collared. The background is black.
Matt Kuhlig on Facebook

Americana Happy Hour featuring Mat Kuhlig

Rosebowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5 p.m.

Enjoy Americana Happy Hour on the patio with singer/songwriter Mat Kuhlig.

Friday, August 4th

Jordan K’s Django Wrangle

Rosebowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5 p.m.

The Rose Bowl Tavern parking lot patio is the spot tonight for an entertaining happy hour with the unique talent of Jordan Kaye, now known as “The Tunewrangler”. Be prepared for an eclectic mix of songs, stories, and witty banter, with an open request policy, as long as they’re songs by Homer & Jethro, every 1st Friday of the month.

This photo is a photo-realistic image of two people walking on a brick road in a park. The person on the left is wearing a black tank top and a purple skirt with a floral pattern. The person on the right is wearing a blue and green paisley shirt and a brown hat. The background consists of trees and grass. The mood of the image is peaceful and relaxed.
Merry Travelers Duo on Facebook

Free Folk & Roots Fridays

The Lake House at Crystal Lake Park // free // Noon

Treat yourself at lunch, and come see Merry Traveler‘s Duo (Holly and Charlie) at Crystal Lake Park on Friday. The organizers of C-U’s Folk and Roots Festival put on year-round events in the theme of the genre for Free Folk & Roots Fridays. Every first and third Friday of each summer month is a Folk & Roots Friday, featuring groups playing at the Crystal Lake Park lake house at noon. Come pick up some good vibes during your lunch hour and let them carry you through the rest of your work day.

Friday Night Live

This photo is a photo-realistic image of a band playing in an outdoor setting. The band consists of four members, all playing different instruments including a keyboard, drums, guitar and bass guitar. The band is set up on a concrete patio with a green lawn and trees in the background. There are black and yellow triangular flags hanging above the band. The band is playing in front of a building with large windows.
Friday Night Live

Downtown Champaign // Free // 6 p.m.

Enjoy downtown Champaign every Friday from June through August for 40 North’s Friday Night LIVE, a free public performance series. Experience a diverse mix of music genres like bluegrass, jazz, folk, soul, rock, country, and blues, along with unique street performances and weekly kids’ activities, all thanks to the generosity of Pour Bros. Craft Taproom, Busey Bank, the City of Champaign, and the support of Champaign Center Partnership. Check their Facebook page for lineups close to the day of the event.

This photo shows two people playing guitars in front of a drum set in a music store. The person on the left is playing a red electric guitar and the person on the right is playing a green bass guitar. The drum set is orange and has a Yamaha logo on it. The background consists of various musical instruments and posters on the wall.
Squirrel Movement on Instagram

Squirrel Movement EP Release Show

Independent Media Center // Free // 7 p.m.

This (very) young and up-and-coming rock band from Champaign is releasing their first EP and putting the rock music world on notice. Come check them out so you can say you were there from the beginning. 

This is a photo of a musician performing on a stage at an outdoor event. The musician is playing a guitar and singing into a microphone. The guitar is a hollow body electric guitar with a sunburst finish. The stage is covered by a white tent and there are speakers and other musical equipment on the stage. The background consists of trees, a parking lot, and a colorful mural on a building.
Derrick Philips

The Falbonauts with Resurrectionists and Rory Book and The Volumes

The Space // $10 // 8 p.m.

Fresh off their Pricklefest appearance, the Falbonauts headline The Space with Resurrectionists and Rory Book and The Volumes in support.

This is a photo realistic image of a group of four people in a dimly lit music venue. The people are standing in front of a drum set and a sign that reads “Jazz Up Front”. One person is sitting on the floor with their legs crossed. The other three people are standing, one with their arms crossed and another with their hands in their pockets. The people are wearing casual clothing, including t-shirts and jeans. The background consists of a brick wall and a stage with musical equipment.
Dalton Halls Band on Facebook

Dalton Halls Band

Rosebowl Tavern // $10 suggested cover // 8 p.m.

Experience a vibrant evening with the Dalton Halls Band, renowned for their unique blend of Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. This dynamic ensemble will captivate you with their fresh and funky music, making you dance and ensuring a memorable night of musical entertainment.

Saturday, August 5th

Ngoma Africa Ensemble

Rosebowl Tavern // Tips in bucket // Noon

This week the Rose Bowl After Market series features the captivating African drum ensemble, Ngoma Africa Ensemble, led by Jean Rene Balekita. This vibrant outdoor event, hosted every Saturday at noon, promises an exciting mix of live music, arts, and more, with all ages welcomed, and while admission is free, tips and donations to support the artists are highly appreciated.

Four members of The Claudettes standing in the corner of the room.
The Claudettes

Toast to Taylor Street Block Party

Downtown Champaign // free // 4 p.m.

August’s installment of the Toast to Taylor Street Block Party is headlined by the “garage cabaret” masters, The Claudettes. Here is the lineup for this month:

4 p.m. – Bloco Gaviao
5 p.m. – Woke Mountain Boys
6 p.m. – Soft Coup
7:10 p.m. – Kittens Incorporated
8:30 p.m. – Tractor Kings
10 p.m. – The Claudettes

Hessel Park Free Concerts presents MeadowHawk

Hessel Park // free // 6 p.m.

Join the community for the final Hessel Park Concert of the summer, featuring the exceptional Meadowhawk, on August 5 from 6 to 8 p.m. Bring along your lawn chairs and refreshments, and enjoy food from vendors Ice Daddy’s and La Paloma, while savoring the summer night with great music.

This is a photo of a band performing on a stage in a nightclub. The stage is decorated with colorful lanterns and lights. The band members are playing various instruments, including guitars, saxophone, and drums. There are speakers and other musical equipment on the stage.
Colt Ball and Friends on Facebook

Allerton Park Concert Series: Reggae Concert

Allerton Park // $5 individual/$10 donation per family // 6 p.m.

Make your way to the Gatehouse Lawn at Allerton Park for an outdoor concert featuring the reggae music of Colt Ball & Friends and Gizzae on Saturday, Aug. 5 from 6-9 p.m. This event, part of the Allerton Park Concert Series presented by the Ayers Family, promises food and a cash bar, while attendees are also welcome to bring their own food (outside alcohol not permitted), and is perfect for a summer evening – just don’t forget your lawn chairs or blankets!

4 members of Kilborn Alley Blues Band performing onstage with a purple backdrop.
Kilborn Alley Blues Band on Facebook

Kilborn Alley Blues Band

Alto Vineyards // $5 cover // 7 p.m.

Can you think of a more relaxing Saturday evening that sipping wine and listening to the Kilborn Alley Blues Band in a Vineyard? If you do, please let us know.

This photo shows a group of people standing in an alleyway. One person is wearing a red t-shirt and a baseball cap, another is wearing a black t-shirt with a white logo, and another is wearing a colorful patterned shirt. One person has a large tattoo on their back that reads “SACO”. The background consists of brick buildings and a chain link fence. The mood of the photo is casual and relaxed.
Isolator on Facebook

Isolator with J.U.G., Keep and SMV

The Space // $10 // 8 p.m.

Louisville metalheads Isolator invade The Space on Saturday, ready to shake the walls and rattle the drink glasses. Three bands are in support: J.U.G., Keep and SMV.

This photo shows a man playing an acoustic guitar on a stage. He is wearing a blue plaid shirt and a straw hat. The guitar is light in color with a dark neck. The man is singing into a microphone on a stand. The background is a black stage with metal scaffolding.
Derrick Philips

EDITOR’S PICK: Chicago Farmer’s 45th Birthday Bash with Carrie Sue and The Woodburners

Rosebowl Tavern // $20 // 8 p.m.

Come on out to Rose Bowl Tavern as they celebrate the 45th birthday of everyone’s favorite Farmer, Cody Diekhoff, better known as Chicago Farmer, on a special evening filled with exceptional folk music. Diekhoff, the son of a small-town farming community who was profoundly inspired by fellow Midwesterner John Prine, brings a unique blend of small-town roots and city streets mentality to his performances. Tickets are now on sale for this outdoor event (weather pending), which promises an intimate encounter with Diekhoff’s music – reminiscent of a John Steinbeck short story turned into a song, encapsulating the essence of rural life and hard work. Local up-and-coming folk sensation Carrie Sue and the Wood Burners are in support. 

This photo is a photo-realistic image of a person sitting on a blue couch with a white pillow. The person is holding a white coffee cup and saucer in their hands. They are wearing a gray blazer, red shirt, and black pants. The background is a white wall.
Phillip Michael Scales on Facebook

Listening Room Experience with Phillip -Michael Scales

Yellow and Company // $20 to $25 // 7:30 p.m.

Phillip-Michael Scales, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, known for his unique “Dive Bar Soul” style that intertwines Indie-Rock storytelling with the passion of the blues, will be playing at the intimate venue at Yellow and Company in Mahomet. Having toured extensively across Europe, North America, and the Middle East, and shared stages with artists like Fantastic Negrito and Anderson East, Scales brings his rich musical experiences to the stage, promising an evening of soulful, narrative-driven music.

This photo is a photo-realistic image of a concert taking place in an outdoor venue at night. The stage is set up in front of a casino with a large neon sign that reads “Fremont Casino”. The stage is filled with musical instruments, including a keyboard, drums, and guitars. The crowd is large and densely packed, with many people holding up their phones to take photos or videos. The singer is standing at the front of the stage with his back to the camera, facing the crowd. There are strings of lights hanging above the crowd, creating a festive atmosphere. The sky is dark, indicating that the concert is taking place at night.
Smashmouth on Facebook

Smash Mouth with special guest Fastball

Devon Lakeshore Amphitheater // $8 to $45 // 7 p.m.

Hey now, you’re a rock fan. Get your tickets on. Go play. Get a big whiff of 90’s nostalgia in Decatur on Saturday night. Original members not guaranteed to be present.

Sunday, August 6th

The two members of Black Eyed Lillies in a field with the sun just over the horizon behind them. The male is holding a guitar and looking off to the write. The singer is turned to the left.
Black Eyed Lillies from Facebook

Black Eyed Lilies

Rose Bowl Tavern // Tips in bucket // 4 p.m.

The Black Eyed Lillies, a duo from Champaign, IL, is made up of musicians Joe Asselin and Lindsay Lilly. They bring together a classic mix of Americana, blues, and folk. Don’t miss your chance to see them perform live on the Rose Bowl patio.

This is a photo realistic image of a rock concert. The image is taken from the stage, looking out at the audience. The stage is lit with purple and pink lights. The lead singer is holding a microphone and has his arm raised in the air. The drummer and keyboard player are also visible on the stage. The audience is packed and their hands are raised in the air. The image has a dark and moody tone.
Houndmouth on Facebook

Houndmouth with Frames

The Castle Theatre // $25 // 6:30 p.m.

Their unique blend of Americana, blues, and folk are what Indiana alternative blues band Houndmouth are known for and they are bringing it with them to the Castle Theatre in Bloomington. Frames is the support act.

This is a photo of two people standing outside a house. The person on the left is wearing a blue and white striped shirt with a graphic of a cat and the word “Sydney” on it. The person on the right is wearing a black shirt and is running their hand through their hair. The background consists of a white house with a window and a tree.
The Brother Brothers on Facebook

EDITOR’s PICK: Right Here Music Presents The Brother Brothers

Rosebowl Tavern // $15 // 7 p.m.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious sounds of identical twin brothers, The Brother Brothers, brought to you by RightHereMusic at Rose Bowl Tavern. Renowned for their stunning harmonies and thoughtful Americana sound, their masterful performance promises an unforgettable evening, with an opening acoustic set by local songwriter, Clayton Burke.

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