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Are you celebrating U of I Homecoming?

A sepia toned photo of a band marching across the Main Quad, with a drum major leading the way.
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Are you a Homecoming reveler? If so, what sorts of activities are you participating in this week? If U of I isn’t your home school, do you travel to your alma mater to participate in Homecoming festivities?

I am rather ashamed to admit, as a University of Illinois alum, that I am not very participatory. I’m not sure why. I’ve been a townie ever since I graduated, and I know did some homecoming celebrating in those first few years out of college. I also definitely took my kids to the parade when they were younger…it’s a great parade! But now? I’ll probably go to the game because we have tickets but that’s about it.

U of I Homecoming has quite a long history, which you can read more about in Culture Editor Louise Knight-Gibson’s featured article from this week. They used to do strange things like play Push Ball, and it was during a Homecoming game that Red Grange scored four touchdowns in the first quarter against Michigan, cementing his legendary status at the University. Now, they dye a fountain and host a variety of cultural and community events, in addition to the game and parade staples. You can even see Red Grange, or at least someone dressed like him, run down the field Saturday in a new promotional thing where he races (and destroys) a fan.

Happy Homecoming to all who celebrate!

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