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I’m looking for some good Halloween decorations

A row of jack-o-lanterns lit with candles line a country road.
Steven Pratten

The weather has finally caught up to the season, so let’s talk about Halloween, specifically Halloween decorations. I love the holiday but I find that lack the energy to be extra about it. However, I am a great appreciator of those who are.

So, do you have a favorite Halloween house? Or maybe a business that goes all out with their decorations? Is your house is the one that people should drive by?

In recent-ish years we’ve highlighted a Hamilton-themed graveyard, these sad skeletons, the Crowley Pumpkins and the dearly departed Dallas and Company, who had creepy decorations all year round. 

I think driving around and checking out Halloween decorations is way more interesting than holiday lights. So, where should I be looking? Email us at [email protected] or comment on socials!

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