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Kangaroo Court has finished recording their debut album

Kangaroo Court member standing in front of a microphone, photo taken through glass
Kangaroo Court’s Instagram

Psychrock outfit Kangaroo Court has been busy over the last year, releasing a few songs and playing tons of shows locally and regionally. The band recently posted that their debut album has been recorded and is “officially wrapped up”. The band recorded the album at Matt Talbott’s Earth Analog with recording engineer James Treichler at the helm. The band released their first single “Something’s Gotta Give” early last year, and their second, “Spark Ranger”, in August.

Here’s the caption from their Instagram post:

The recording process is officially wrapped up for album #1. Thank you all for your patience; we think it’ll be well worth the wait.

Massive shoutout to @wave_upon_wave & Earth Analog Studio for guiding us through everything and providing those luscious tones.

This is Kangaroo Court! 2023

We look forward to hearing the album when it is released, though no date has been provided by the band at this point in time. Read Sean’s feature on the band from just about a year ago as they were breaking onto the scene.

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