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YWCA Champaign County is launching the Empowering Black and Brown Women Project

Black and white image of two Black women with their arms around each other, laughing.
YWCA Champaign County

With the help of a $33,000 grant from Healing Illinois, and support from The Field Foundation, United Way of Champaign County, and Lead for Equity, YWCA Champaign County is starting a new racial justice initiative. According to the press release, The Empowering Black and Brown Women Project “consists of engaging participants in self-exploration to develop comprehensive understanding of the history and personal effects of systemic racism.” Don Owen, of Lead for Equity, will be working with the YWCA team on facilitating the project.

From the Executive Director of YWCA Champaign County Andrea Rundell:

“We are grateful to Healing Illinois, The Field Foundation, and United Way of Champaign
County for selecting our project. Empowering BIPOC women to explore healing from racism is
one of the most impactful things we can do to advance our mission of eliminating racism and
empowering women.”

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